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Under Illinois law, you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits when you are injured at work. Permanent partial disability, referred to as “PPD,” is meant to compensate you for the permanent nature of the injury you sustained on the job. In most cases, the permanent partial disability benefit is paid at the end of your claim after you have concluded your medical treatment.

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Understanding Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) Benefits

An injured worker can be compensated for permanent partial disability in various ways depending upon the nature and extent of the injury sustained and whether the employee has resulting permanent restrictions that prevent them from returning to their job. The following are some of the methods utilized to calculate permanent partial disability benefits:

assigns a weekly value to each body part. An injured worker is entitled to receive a percentage of the number of weeks allocated to the injured body part. The number of weeks of compensation depends upon the nature, extent and severity of the injury. Once the number of weeks is determined, it is multiplied by 60% of the average weekly wage (AWW) to determine the amount of the permanency benefit.

  • Wage Differential – allows an injured worker to receive two-thirds (2/3) of the difference between what they would be making in their prior line of work and what they are making, or capable of making, in their new job. Wage differential benefits are paid to people who have permanent restrictions resulting from the work injury that prevent from returning to their job.
  • Permanent Total Disability - provides an injured worker with ongoing payments for life. Permanent total disability payments are made at an individual’s temporary total disability rate. Permanent total disability benefits are for people who sustain injuries that prevent them from returning to work in any capacity.

Helping Clients Focus on the Future

Your PPD benefit will be determined based on the nature and extent of the injuries. Our firm is committed to helping you put the pieces back together and providing you with a trusted resource during this challenging time. We help our clients secure the compensation they need to be able to embrace the possibility of moving forward.

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